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gRAnDioze lightshow - 'Het Rad'
Painting with Light|
03 August 2020

Painting with Light worked closely for the co-creation with their Genk C-Mine neighbor Deusjevoo, who designed and installed the decor. In just six weeks, the teams developed a totally new creative concept with a vibrant and colorful setting, including a large amount of built-in and custom LED lighting elements. Also the lighting of the wheel itself and the audio control have been completely redesigned. Some aesthetic aspects still refer to the classic style book of the Wheel of Fortune, which has since been adapted since its launch in America in 1975. Colorful and lively show program During the program the participants have to solve puzzles with which they can win cash and prizes. At the center of all the action is a giant three-meter diameter spinning wheel that participants must spin during the game to determine cash or prizes. The Wheel of Fortune has been around for a while in Belgium, but this is the first season produced by SBS. The producers wanted a fresh and distinctive look, elegant and stylish yet with a homely touch. Painting with Light opted for a more theatrical approach by creating sets that stand on their own but together form a coherent whole and radiate homely cosiness. As part of the decor, there is a long entrance path along one side of the studio. Along the side there are tables with chairs for the audience that look out on the huge LED puzzle board and the wheel, which acts as a visual focal point. The participants stand around the table behind the wheel at a sufficient distance from each other. The three 'shops' comprise an extensive shop window where all prices are displayed. Each time, these are elegantly revealed by a flowy curtain, one of which consists of silk and two of transparent voile to absorb and reflect the light. As with the other parts of the décor, the team opted for a layered approach here too, so that the light can be applied both additive and separately. As an extra touch of refinement, the decor was finished with pixel-controlled LED lighting in key areas such as stairs, table and the wheel itself. The Rad is equipped with a large number of RGB and white light sources. Painting with Light designed a laser sensor system on the 72 handles of the wheel, which are used by the participants to turn it manually. This system controls the visual and auditory effects in perfect harmony with every movement. These help build tension at crucial game moments. An impressive arsenal of light strips, rings, spots and lamps illuminate the wheel, the shop windows, floor, curtains, puzzle board and side panels. These differ in size and follow a predetermined matrix for light angles, backlighting and brightness. The atmosphere can vary from funky to cozy through the use of warm or bright and specific colors, as well as the application of special lighting effects. Both the organizers and installers are very satisfied with the result, namely a colorful and lively environment of an unprecedented level for such a seasonal program. Luc Peumans, CEO Painting with Light, comments: “Our team was very pleased with this project as so many others were canceled or postponed due to the corona virus. However, it remained a challenge to obtain and install all parts as many companies in the events sector work with reduced staff numbers. We are proud with our team and partners to achieve such a result in such a short period of time. In this way we also contribute to a relaxing summer for the many fellow countrymen who spend their holidays here. ”

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