beMatrix, producer of the leading framework system, introduces the first Climate Partner-certified framework in the events sector
July 2, 2024

beMatrix, the world leader in modular frame systems, is pleased to announce that 90% of their ECO+ frames, produced on the automatic line, are now CLIMATE CERTIFIED. beMatrix has achieved this certificate by reducing CO2 emissions by more than 9,000 tons per year.

As of today, their epic aluminum frame with large holes of 992x2480 mm is produced with the CLIMATE CERTIFIED label. A small label, but with a huge impact in the events sector.

C!O of beMatrix, Edwin Van der Vennet, clarifies: "Because we value transparency and legitimacy, we have chosen to do this certification with an independent company, the German Climate Partner."

90% of the ECO+ frames that beMatrix produces are now CLIMATE CERTIFIED. For 12 different frame sizes, the total reduced emissions are more than 9,000 tons of CO2 per year.

* Doesn't 9,000 tons mean a lot to you? That's the emissions equivalent of 1.4 million cheeseburgers,

according to The Carbon Footprint of Everything by expert Mike Breners-Lee.

Climate Partner started by calculating the initial carbon footprint for their products using both a cradle-to-customer analysis and an end-of-lifecycle analysis. They then set reduction targets.

Edwin continues: "We have implemented numerous measures in our production process. To start with, the welded beMatrix frame is sustainably built and consists entirely of aluminum. In 2012 the team introduced our ECO+ finish, a non-harmful alternative to anodizing. Six years later our automatic line was running at full capacity, significantly reducing material waste. Production runs on 100% renewable energy. In recent years we have worked with suppliers to increase the amount of recycled aluminum from 33% in 2019 to 78.5%. now, without compromising on quality. Moreover, all production scrap is 100% recycled. I am extremely proud of the process and the measures taken."

beMatrix customers now buy CLIMATE CERTIFIED straight frames. All measures, figures and contributions can be followed by scanning the QR code next to the Climate Partner label on the frames themselves. This allows beMatrix customers to offer unique value to their customers in the stand and events sector.

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