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Medieval Entertainment
Oud Hollands Entertainment / Fun & Party Match|
July 2, 2024

As Old Dutch Entertainment we also have various Medieval items. For example:

* Malloot Puck and Merchants Clementina and Clara

Merchant Clementina: means gentle, yielding and merciful.

Merchant Clara: means bright, shining, shining, splendid.

Puck means: scoundrel, little rascal, gnome, rascal.

Together they try to sell things from their cart, but in fact they give away everything and you book a comical driving street entertainment.

* Medieval Crafts as

Monk with calligraphy, woodworker like Robin Hood and wool spinner, historic forge, beekeeper and chair maker, basket maker with tent (Gelderland region only), historic tile maker and painter, net maker with tent, chimney bread baker in medieval tent, medieval witch/herb lady, medieval costume maker , Woodcarver with tent, Rope course, Medieval Musician with Hurdy-gurdy.

* Troubadour and Fortune Teller

Together they sing to forget the daily grind. She lays out tarot cards and puts henna tattoos on children.

* Heralds

Musically, they announce or dismiss your message. But they also walk around to give the medieval atmosphere of tournaments, wars and during Royal ceremonies.

* Old Dutch Games

Some Old Dutch Games have been played since the Middle Ages. Court jesters were asked to take the games to the castles and inns.

In short, click on the website link and read all the information.

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