Eventpartners - Bezoekersregistratie
Hospitable without stress: that's how we arrange it
Eventpartners - Bezoekersregistratie|
June 10, 2024

Exhibitors already have enough to worry about in the run-up to the art fair. Fortunately, Eventpartners is there to relieve them of the hassle of inviting their customers and relations, which is a challenge in itself. Five ways we did that for the KunstRAI.

1. A shielded environment

Each exhibitor was given access to their own online environment, secured with 2-factor authentication. This allowed them to manage the data of their own relations and invite their guests for specific days and moments.

2. A tailor-made invitation system

The invitation system was adapted in advance to the wishes of the exhibitors, so that inviting their guests could be quick and easy.

3. Real-time insights

In their own personal environment, exhibitors could see how their RSVPs were progressing. If desired, a reminder could be sent.

4. Printed invitations

Would you rather send a printed invitation? No problem. The QR code required for entrance was printed on the map by Eventpartners.

5. Registration desk with retrieval system

Guests who did not have their ticket at hand could register at the fair at our registration desk.

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