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Seven inspiring ideas to make your conference a great success
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June 10, 2024

Conferences provide an excellent platform for sharing the latest developments and achievements within a field or sector. But if your conference is organized annually, it can be quite a challenge to make each edition at least as interesting and attractive for the participants as the previous edition. How do you prevent your conference from feeling routine and lacking innovation, without immediately having to invest enormous additional amounts? We present you with a number of simple, yet impressive ways to upgrade your conference, so that this edition will remain in the memories of the participants for a long time.

1. Use tools to promote networking

To speed up networking during your conference and to ensure that everyone can easily find each other, advanced conference registration software with the option of on-site badge printing, for example, is an advantage. Also introduce gaming elements into the networking moments, such as a digital scavenger hunt or a quiz that guides participants through the event. This encourages active participation and makes networking fun and interactive.

2. Create a reward system for participation

Develop a reward system to promote participation and interaction. For example, create a unique 'conference currency' that people can earn by participating in sessions and then spend on exclusive (after) content, workshops or networking opportunities. This encourages participation. You can also link competition elements to it. For example, the participant who has earned the most coins during the conference will receive a prize.

3. Think about the well-being of your participants

Running around all day shaking hands at a conference can be an intense affair. Take this into account and offer your participants a well-being zone, with activities such as mindfulness sessions, short meditations to refresh participants and healthy snacks and drinks to revitalize. Also ensure there are sufficient breaks and sufficient time between the different parts of the conference program. Introducing games and VR can also significantly increase the enjoyment of the conference for participants. All these types of extras show that the conference organization pays attention to the well-being of the participants.

4. Also make the plenary sessions as interactive as possible

Avoid situations in which speakers only stand and broadcast on stage while the audience secretly falls asleep due to lack of engagement. Instead, provide live polling and feedback using mobile technology to collect the opinions and preferences of the participants in the room in real time. This makes the conference more interactive and therefore exciting. Moreover, the data you collect from the case gives you valuable insights that you can then process in articles and papers.

5. Allow for flexibility with online support

Use a conference registration software that allows participants to create their own agenda and adjust it on the day itself. This increases the personal relevance of the program and improves participant satisfaction. The use of a linked specific conference app can make the experience even more user-friendly. With the help of all this type of technology, you optimize participant flows and offer as much of a personal experience as possible for everyone. By analyzing the behavior and preferences of participants, you can also better tailor future events to everyone's needs.

6. Upgrade that goodie bag

Consult with the exhibitors and sponsors of your conference how you can create a worthy, truly meaningful goodie bag. Be creative with what you add to the bag and think beyond a pen and notebook. The best thing you can achieve with a goodie is that participants will use this item frequently in daily life, so that they are reminded of your conference all year round and will certainly be there again next year.

7. Make sustainability your priority

Take a step further than conventional sustainability initiatives such as eliminating single-use plastic. For example, try to turn your conference into a zero-waste event, or generously compensate for the carbon footprint of the conference. Communication about this strengthens the social value of your conference title.

By applying the above unexpected yet logical tips, you will take your conference to the highest level. Not only will you increase participant satisfaction and engagement, you will also create a unique and memorable experience that will stay with them long after the event. The success of a conference is not only measured by the content, but also by the ways in which you engage and inspire the participants.

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