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11 May 2020

Communication and event agency Push To Talk is launching "Virtual Convention" as a fully-fledged alternative to a corporate event. Traditional events are impossible today. For the sake of public interest, we are required to maintain physical distance. But social distance is not necessary for anything. “We have to reduce the social distance,” says Tom Bellens CEO of Push To Talk . Live Communication is the communication of the future. Live Communication is much more than the experience at an event. It's about creating 'live' encounters between people. It's about the content, the story. What fears do the employees have, what is the vision of the management ... This requires a scenario, a scenario and strict management. Companies or organizations where employees have few opportunities to physically meet each other also want to strengthen the culture, the mutual contacts and the bond. Think of care providers and security services who work around the clock, companies or organizations with branches or yards all over the country or with shift work. Tom: “Many companies may no longer have a summer barbecue, staff party or end-of-year drink planned this year. In this sense, events experience their own crisis. But that does not alter the fact that people want to talk, share experiences, but also share valuable initiatives that employees develop among themselves… more than ever, it is the people in the workplace who are now making a difference and becoming an essential part of communication. ” Online events must become live encounters with live communication and live conversations. Professionally organized, varied, exciting and relevant. They have to convey authentic stories with real emotions that connect people. Virtual Convention (live and digital in the mix) Virtual Conventions are a form of live communication with a mix of a TV studio, an online event and a digital platform. People don't come to an event, the event comes to them. Virtual conventions have two important functions: (1) spreading top-down communication (informing / involving) and (2) strengthening and stimulating the sense of community within a company (binding). The event location for a virtual convention is an already built stand-alone audiovisual setup. The decor can easily be adapted to the theme or to the brand identity of the company. The event is followed from home, from the office or with a limited audience in the event space itself. Tom: “The main difference and advantage of a Virtual Convention is the strict timing and event structure. There is schwung, depth and dynamics. I often miss that at a webinar or video conference. I feel like I'm in a TV studio but with live interaction. ” Push To Talk has an experienced team to design, guide and direct virtual conventions from concept to realization. We provide content and editing, write the script, record videos in advance, design a set, offer technical support, organize the direction and finally the livestream. Focusing on content and content 'What really appeals to me about this formula is that it offers the opportunity to really measure what is going on in the organization: the many positive stories, but certainly also the fear and doubt that prevails among both employees and among others. management or directors. It doesn't have to be a slick 'good news' show as far as I'm concerned, in the end we are in crisis and that requires a different tone of communication. ” said Tom. “This is not new,” says Tom Bellens. “We have been doing this live at events for many years, but what I have noticed is that the fear of being able to follow a highly substantive event from behind a screen has dropped dramatically. If I used to ask someone to watch a corporate event for 45 minutes on an iPad or smartphone like you do with Youtube or Neflix, they would have declared me crazy. Now I notice that - due to corona - that threshold has disappeared. A condition is that we as an agency work with the client to make and convey the content just as catchy and dynamic, but that has been our core business for over 20 years now. Our experience lies in coaching complex content and guiding organizations through a change management process or strategic re-profiling. ” Tom Bellens: “We are currently in talks with a number of organizations to inform their employees with this formula after the start-up in mid-May about the aspects of well-being in the workplace, safety, monitoring distance, preventive measures, but also to act as a sounding board. My background as a prevention advisor helps to substantiate this legally and to embed it structurally in the procedures and agreements in the organization. ” “I definitely see this as a stayer who will take its place next to the well-known real life events that we will be able to organize step by step”, says Tom. The advantage is that you can already communicate very quickly to a large target group, with interaction, with empathy and with a variety of conversations and videos… ”“ Maybe I should also present this format to Ms Wilmès for the next press conference, ”says Tom Bellens with a wink. YOU HAVE A GOOD STORY, WE CAN TELL GOOD www.pushtotalk.be www.livecommunication.be

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