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Brussels Expo will be the first Covid-safe exhibition location in the world
Brussels Expo|
27 April 2020

Brussels Expo is tackling the corona crisis with heavy artillery by equipping its 120,000 m2 with a germicidal air purification system. A world first and a sign of hope for the events sector. An exceptional crisis calls for exceptional resources ... To fill the enormous economic gap created by the scenery crisis and to give the more than 80,000 people working in the events sector the opportunity to get back into action, Brussels Expo has launched a remarkable initiative. "We have decided to equip all our spaces with a new technology that can kill germs," explains Brussels Expo CEO Denis Delforge. "With that decision, we are making a major commitment: restarting the events sector, which has been completely shut down since 19 March, and ensuring optimal health conditions for our customers, exhibitors, visitors, suppliers, partners and employees." From the exhibition halls to Palais 12, from the meeting rooms and offices to the entrance halls, the backstage and the toilets ... from June 2020, the whole of Brussels Expo will be equipped with UV-C purification installations that are very effective against pathogens such as viruses and bacteria. UV-C radiation is used to disinfect hospital rooms, operating theaters, ambulances and public transport and thus combat COVID-19, among other things. The ordered installations use a combination of technologies that makes it possible to use them where the public is present. The enclosed UV-C lamps contain TiO2 catalyst plates and generate a germicidal radiation due to a photocatalytic oxidation reaction. This effective process kills the pathogenic elements, viruses and bacteria in the air and on surfaces. This precautionary measure reinforces the measures that are mandatory for the sector (the use of mouth masks, disinfectant gel, the limitation and organization of visitor flows, etc.). With this proactive measure, BRUSSELS EXPO sets itself up as a pioneer as the Belgian market leader in exhibition space and places itself in pole position for the announced relaunch.

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