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The ultimate checklist you need to organize a conference
Jaarbeurs Congressen|
January 23, 2024

Suppose you are going to organize a conference, symposium, networking event or kick-off meeting. You have the vision, but the details are still missing. Planning and executing a conference can be a complex task. As an event organizer you are looking for the key to organizing an event that not only meets the expectations of your target group, but exceeds them! How do you achieve that?

Kelly van der Velden-Otten, account and event manager for conferences, has had many successful conferences to her name in her 8 years at Jaarbeurs and knows better than anyone what steps you need to take.

With this checklist she takes you through the essential steps to organize a conference that not only runs smoothly, but is also inspiring and impactful. How do you select suppliers and when should you book a speaker? What does a script look like? Use this checklist to organize a successful conference.

View the checklist here: https://bit.ly/47L1oMM

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