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Fast Forward introduceert Digital meets Live
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23 April 2020

It has been known for a while: the global COVID-19 crisis is causing a rapid evolution that is shifting almost everything to online. Lots of great initiatives, all those e-drinks and video calls. Still, we miss the offline world. We really want to reconnect with friends, colleagues and customers at real-life events. The events sector is wondering when events can return. What will be the regulation then? And what will the maximum capacity be? When will we feel comfortable in a large group again? These times require a creative approach! Just like Fast Forward, so we came up with a creative solution called 'Digital meets Live'. ( “With this initiative, we want to remove uncertainty among our customers and we organize digital events linked to live experiences on location,” says Pascal Cauwelier, Creative Director at Fast Forward. We work together with our audiovisual partner Sense, who created a brand new digital arena with endless recording and live possibilities. “We have been working together for several years and have organized many kick-ass events. By joining forces we are convinced that we can help organize events. ”, Says Koen Van Dooren, founder of Sense. When asked how we are going to link live experiences to this digital, we can only answer: “That differs per question, per event. With our team we make it a strong and entertaining story. And we can assure you: the concept is very flexible and completely corona-proof. ” Fast Forward stands for events with a corner. And no less than two. We will therefore continue to strive for that in these difficult times.

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