New miniguide: how to organize an event?
May 25, 2023

Technical knowledge is key!

Organizing an event is like putting together a puzzle: all partners work together on a concept until it becomes an unforgettable experience. But how exactly do you do that? And what do you pay attention to when choosing a location? What should an audiovisual partner know? Premium audiovisual event company John & Jane launches a free miniguide

To organize an event you need 3 ingredients: knowledge, expertise and a strong network of professional partners. How you bring them together is crucial. It may seem obvious, but in reality things don't always go so smoothly.

Katrien Vermeire, managing partner at John & Jane: “We set the bar high and attach great importance to quality, both in our productions and in the quotations we send out. These applications often went wrong. Vague descriptions, limited knowledge of the technical aspect, ... In addition, there is the enormous brain drain in our sector due to the covid crisis. Because we want to support the entire sector and also attach great importance to training, the idea grew to create a mini guide that bundles important technical knowledge.”

Technical knowledge central

In the mini guide, John & Jane and take you through the elements that are important in the organization, the course and the completion of an event. Through 6 chapters you will be familiarized with the practical tips and tricks, do's and don'ts, principles and guidelines in the organization, from an audiovisual perspective and from a collaboration with all event partners.

How do you set up an event in nine important steps? How do you set up an event briefing to request quotes? How do you compare those quotes? How do you determine the flow of an event? What do you pay attention to when booking a venue? How do you add experience?

“You will receive an expert and substantiated answer to all those questions, straight from practice and from the experience of our John & Jane believers,” says Katrien. “By working together you create the ultimate experience that customers and guests will talk about for a long time to come. With this miniguide we want to offer people who organize an event, but also future event managers or marketing managers in companies, a unique view of the technical side of an event.”

You can download the miniguide from the John&Jane website

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