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Surprise your colleagues with the Relaxmobiel
Vital Forest|
19 September 2022

View the new concept of Vital Forest, the Relaxmobiel on location, below.

The Relaxmobile from Vital Forest is a relaxing activity at your location/event and a great gift for everyone!

The powerful combination of massage and beautiful themes with images of nature, sounds and smells ensure an effective and unforgettable moment of relaxation.

✓ One relaxation session lasts 15 minutes.

✓ During a relaxation session in the Relaxmobiel, all your senses are stimulated to relax. You first choose a theme and then experience, for example, a walk in the woods, smell a seasonal scent of your choice and enjoy a nice massage by the fireplace.

✓ After the relaxation session you have more energy, you are relaxed and you can take it again!

RELAX & RECOVER in the Relaxmobile from Vital Forest!

Enjoy a nice massage and the power of beautiful nature images, sounds and even soothing seasonal scents! In 15 minutes you will discover the importance of a moment of relaxation during the (work) day, because you immediately experience the effects.


The Relaxmobiel contains a luxurious massage chair. Start a massage at the touch of a button and immediately experience the benefits of smoother muscles and better blood circulation.


Vital Forest creates nature images and sounds of beautiful locations every season. In the Relaxmobiel, you can experience a beautiful butterfly valley with a fresh spring scent or a beautiful summer walk through the Leenderheide with a citrus scent.


Each theme is linked to an ethereal seasonal scent. For example, enjoy a refreshing spring scent with grapefruit and lavender, summer citrus or the warm scent of cinnamon and pine.

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