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Create temporary workplaces to allow the continuity of business operations?
Easy2Rent - IT & AV verhuur|
11 March 2020

Are you also experiencing the problems of the coronavirus at the moment? And are you creating temporary workplaces to allow the continuity of business operations? As an employer, you must ensure a safe and healthy workplace under the Working Conditions Act. Not only is action required on the basis of this law, but the continuity of business operations also benefits when a virus protocol or temporary workplace is carefully considered in the event of a virus outbreak. One measure to protect employees and ensure that they do not light each other can be the choice to have employees work in a temporary workplace. For example, the employee must be able to use an extra screen, a keyboard and a mouse. Fully furnishing a temporary workplace with IT equipment is expensive, especially if you only use the workplace temporarily. Easy2Rent offers complete unburdening and support with the installation of IT equipment at your flexible workplace! Fast delivery on location and everything pre-installed. Setting up temporary workplaces is easily arranged with our equipment and service. We are happy to offer a helping hand on location. Any temporary workplace can be equipped with rental equipment, consisting of a network of laptops, connected to the internet and an All-in-One printer.

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