Take the plunge with Wavely in 2022
04 February 2022

Take the plunge with Wavely in 2022

After a successful 2021, MoJuice also plans to do well in 2022 with the in-house developed streaming platform Wavely. In 2021 Wavely earned its spurs with no less than 20,000 viewers, spread over no less than 400 successful live streams, from 42 different locations, both at home and abroad. With clever online and hybrid events, Wavely offers the communicative added value of a high-performance livestream platform.

With great online and hybrid events for New Balls Please, The Oval Office, Kunstmaan, Meet Marcel, Sunset Events and Fast Forward, Wavely proved the communicative added value of a high-performance livestream platform.

It goes without saying that Wavely stands for interactive and reliable live streaming and has already swam through a lot of water. Backed by the technical crew and creative visuals team at MoJuice, Wavely delivered on every promise.

MoJuice also plans to do well with Wavely in 2022. To further meet the rising demand for true authentic interactivity, MoJuice worked diligently on a new wave of Wavely features (pun intended). For example, an update of the 'share the camera' feature was implemented. With 'share the camera 2.0' you can address one of your many viewers directly – haphazardly or purposefully – and let him or her become part of the studio conversation. Just briefly polling the viewer's opinion? Ask the question live and directly, and get instant feedback in the studio, 100% live.

Would you like to go one step further? Then quizzing with Wavely is the next big thing. Via Wavely you host a 100% live interactive quiz hosted from the MoJuice studio, or from an event venue of your choice, completely adapted to the desired look & feel.

Your participants can compete for victory individually or in teams – remotely in a team. With the 'share-the camera 2.0' you bring the participants directly into the studio – just think of a challenging 'do-assignment'… The scoring is live and provides the necessary suspense… . Curious who your smartest employee is?

Interested in finding out how Wavely can sharpen your communication?

Get in touch with one of our Wavely surf instructors for a chat.

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