Golden BEA Award B2E for New Balls Please with HILTI Kick-Off 2021: bringing the city to live, proudly powered by MoJuice
16 December 2021

Together with New Balls Please bvba, Hilti looked for and found the perfect digital alternative for the annual kick-off event; the event where noses are put in the same direction and the strategy is set out. That alternative was found in the collaboration with Mojuice , with respect for the house style and the message they want to convey, and with the necessary challenging creativity. It should therefore come as no surprise that New Balls Please and HILTI took home the BEA Award for B2E.

The HILTI Kick-Off 2021: bringing the city to live brought HILTI's strategy to life in the form of a uniquely designed 3D city. The HILTI city not only proved to be the perfect communication tool, but also brought HILTI employees closer together.

It turned out to be a unique and unprecedented way to communicate the strategy for the coming year. MoJuice not only made the HILTI city come to life, but also made the HILTI crew – virtually – its way into the city. Together they dived into the city of the future, neatly allied with HILTI's strategy for the following year.

An exciting combination between a 3D designed HILTI city, animations and state-of-the-art green key recordings, which made HILTI's strategy clearly tangible and dynamic.

A great fantastic thank you to New Balls Please and HILTI for the exciting collaboration. And, congratulations again on the golden BEA Awards B2E.

Curious about the result, watch a sneak preview of the HILTI city of the future here.

Let the journey continue, let's bring the city alive!

#BeaAwards2021 #NBPL #MoJuice

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Kevin Van der Straeten
Leader | | 16 December 2021

Impressive! 😎