State-of-the-art interactive streaming platform Wavely continues to innovate
31 August 2021

2020, and with extension 2021, is registered as the year of the live stream. We all dived into the studio - or behind the laptop - and conducted our corporate communication digitally. Slowly, however, we find our way back to 'real' events.

However, this does not mean that the grueling online tools that were developed to keep our communication open and enable networking are a thing of the past. On the contrary.

Production house MoJuice also continues to invest and innovate in Wavely, its own interactive streaming platform for impressive events and extensive networks. Driving force behind Wavely Stefan Uytterhoeven sees a future in which online participation and offline, live interaction go together pragmatically. 'It goes without saying that the learnings for the event industry from 2020 will be carried over to 2021 and will find their way to 2022. I firmly believe that 'the new normal', to use a term that has become ingrained in the meantime, will leave room for hybrid forms. The interactivity that we offer with Wavely also offers an indisputable added value for physical events.' In the past, MoJuice was the partner of choice for live voting, polling and infusing in a live event.

'With Wavely we not only offer trouble-free streaming, the interactivity between speakers, guests and audience also remains a great feature. Wavely offers the possibility to navigate smoothly between online and offline, and is the tool to seamlessly connect those two counterparts of future events,' says Uytterhoeven. It is clear that Wavely's agility remains a major asset for production house MoJuice.

Building on our strengths, with a focus on the demands of our customers, is also what we will continue to do in 2021 and 2022, he added. 'Quality, easy-to-use, trouble-free interaction remain the USPs of the Wavely platform.'

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