Het land van Jan Klaassen

Het land van Jan Klaassen

Het land van Jan Klaassen
  • Gildeweg 6, 7047 AR Braamt, Netherlands

Fantasy, creativity and motor skills

In Het Land van Jan Klaassen, young children play and discover freely.

This stimulates the imagination, stimulates creativity and develops motor skills.

Forget the digital age and let children climb, slide and jump again in both an outdoor and indoor playground.

You will meet Jan Klaassen and Katrijn in the largest puppet theater in the Netherlands.

Together with the children they experience exciting adventures every day.

Go on an adventure with Jan Klaassen and make a journey full of fantasy.

Outdoor playground 30.000m2

Jan Klaassen's outdoor play park has more than 60 play equipment ; slides, swings, bicycles and bouncy castles. There is a train, water playground and a maze. Many bicycles and carts, bouncy castles, slides and climbing equipment. The large outdoor playground is very clear . This allows children to discover everything themselves in a safe way. There is an animal meadow with wobbly animals for the little ones.

The old-fashioned playing within one's own fantasy is central. Feel like a real pirate on the pirate ship and scare each other in the haunted house. Ideal for young children. In the summer it is wonderful to relax under the trees in the middle of the playground, relax on lounge cushions and have a picnic.


Kids love the train. The train starts moving when the bell rings. You take a ride outside through the Kabouterdorp past the bakery, the church and the Piet Pech garage. Be careful! A very naughty gnome sprays all the children wet.

water playground

This refreshing attraction is a nice place to cool off on hot days. In a large Amsterdam street decor, the water comes straight from the ground. Spray yourself or someone else wet. You never know where the water is coming from!

Ideal for a company party. The special park is ideal for groups who want to celebrate a party. In consultation, a place will be reserved for you outside or inside. The rooms (or part of them) are rented for you. The adults chat in a relaxed atmosphere, while the children play.

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Characteristics Het land van Jan Klaassen



Number of persons

1 - 10 



public transport 

parking - paid 


near highway 

city (centre) 

Catering venue

selected caterer(s) 


sound system 

Activities Het land van Jan Klaassen

Activity regions:
Gelderland | Netherlands
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