Workshop / lecture 'Multitasking is a myth'

Wouter Hesseling is the only one who will unravel the 'myth of multitasking' during a lecture (20-45 minutes) or workshop (45-90 minutes). He now has more than 20 years of stage experience. His approach? Educational with a very high entertainment value. He whirls around the stage, enthusiastically tells his story, answers questions from the audience, all while trying to keep ten fragile plates running.

Subjects such as time management, multitasking, work-life balance, focus / awareness, peak performance, prefrontal cortex, working memory and reflex brain are reflected in his story.

Through interactive exercises and anecdotes, people become aware of the price they pay if they take too much on their plate at the same time.

After the session, the participants are eager to put the new insights into practice. People get a book and can read it all at home.

4 reviews on Multitasken is een mythe - 9.5/10

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Erik Borgman
New|Voetbal Jongleur|


Wouter Hesseling says: 100% educational and 100% entertainment, and that's right!Erik

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Rob Vermeulen

Educational and entertaining!

originality, skill and humor, wrapped in a dazzling show.

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Oscar Schneider
New|BdB Groep|

juggling workshop on 9/19

A top performance by Wouter Hesseling during this leadership day for 45 managers of an elderly care organization. Nice to see how the core values of craftsmanship, attention and fun are lived and practiced in 45 minutes. Don't work with the head, but with the body. Practical insights about giving feedback, continuous improvement, collaboration and the art of letting go. Recommended!

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Steven Heinsius

Nice Workshop with a different approach.

We did the Multitasking is a Myth workshop in the office in a week to prevent Burn Out.
The workshop was fun and original.

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