A flexible, quickly set up stage that will surprise everyone, where the possibilities are endless, where the effects come to life and where the price is advantageous for you, welcome to Luxe Podium.

With our mobile inflatable stages we can serve you quickly and flexibly. We deliver 24/24, 7/7.

The inflatable stage car is fully assembled by us within 45 minutes at any desired location and time.

Due to the low-noise construction, we can, if desired, also build the stage at night without causing any noise nuisance to the neighbors.

Our stage cars have a striking inflatable stage cover with transparent surfaces that provide sufficient daylight on the stage and in the dark by means of show lighting creates a spectacular spectacle in and outside the stage.

In our range we have 2 XXL podiums (8 by 6 meters) in silver and black and 1 XL podium (6 by 5 meters) in silver.

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