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Rongen Aktief
  • 't Buske 7, 5845 GC Sint Anthonis, Netherlands
  • Certificate of Excellence 2020

Rongen Aktief is a sports, organization and events agency, which focuses on Entertainment, Fun & Adventure. With his enthusiastic and experienced instructors, Rongen Aktief is active throughout the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany in the field of sports events, team building, sports breaks, promotion and crowd pullers.

Are you looking for new inspiring workshops / activities for your groups / customers / guests and do you want to distinguish yourself? Then Rongen Aktief may mean something for you within certain concepts.

You can think of: Staff parties, Product presentations, Teambuilding, Company event, Incentives, Business Breaks, Workshops, Active Events, Promotion, Open House etc.

NEW: Drone flying - Drone flying is currently very popular and is used for various purposes. During the drone flying workshop you will learn the basics of flying a drone. In addition to theoretical knowledge, you will of course practice. We do this with 2 different drones, namely the DJI Mavic Pro & the Hubsan X4.

NEW: Driving RC off-road vehicle - With different (mini) Landrover Defenders you take on the challenge of driving over a rough course. The tough off-road vehicles, which are controlled by remote control, have been specially developed for this challenge. Build your own trail and ride over bridges, loose stones and various paths during this challenging activity.

Climbing - Rise to great heights during one of our climbing activities! Rongen Aktief is the largest provider of mobile climbing in Europe. With the 3-person mobile climbing palm tree, the 3-person mobile climbing wall and twice the 4-person mobile climbing wall, there is something for everyone. Within 45 minutes, the mobile climbing units are where you want them, both indoors and outdoors.

While climbing, we guarantee maximum safety by means of the available auto-belay belay systems. In addition, each route has a timekeeping so that every climber can see how quickly the top is reached. How high do you set the bar ?!

Laser Clay pigeon shooting - Laser clay pigeon shooting; sensational, safe and environmentally conscious. In an exciting competition you will hunt for the streaked clay pigeons. With 5, 10, 15, 20 or even 25 participants at the same time, you will be introduced to four different game modes. The challenging clay pigeon shooting activity is suitable for all ages and can also be used on water or even in the dark.

Skating - Skating fun; any time of the year? That is possible at Rongen Aktief! The plastic skating rinks are easy and quick to install, environmentally conscious and suitable for any age. Rongen Aktief has two 100m² skating rinks and a 200m² skating rink. The skating rinks can be placed on any surface, provided it is smooth and sturdy.

Curling - Who doesn't know the game of curling? Curling has become increasingly popular in recent years. This relaxed activity is open to everyone and can be played both competitively and recreationally.

Rongen Aktief has various curling lanes, both synthetic curling lanes and curling mats. So you can play curling without ice! It can be played indoors and outdoors and there is a lot of interaction between participants and spectators. It comes down to agility and tactics in order to beat the opponent (s).

You can stay at one of our breathtaking locations or we come to a location of your choice.

Rongen Aktief
1.5 meter proof activities Rongen Aktief
May 11, 2020

Especially in times when keeping your distance is vital, it is important to stay connected. But how can we run activities and events in a 1.5 meter society in a responsible manner? All this requires a lot of flexibility and adaptability from us as an event industry. Within Rongen Aktief this is a challenge that we are more than happy ...

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32 reviews on Rongen Aktief - 9.5/10

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Anneke Edelman

collaboration with Rongen Aktief

Rongen Aktief has provided our games and sports activities for many years on Checkpoint Day. The collaboration is great fun. The materials are of good quality. The Rongen team is enthusiastic and ensures that the participants have a beautiful and enjoyable day. A very nice party to organize an event together.

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Sabine Scheepers
New|Double S|

Double S Review

We warmly recommend Rongen active. With their wide range of sports activities, flexibility, professional instructors and fantastic service, we have already been able to carry out many beautiful projects together.

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Camille Bosch
New|Events Company|

Nice cooperation partner

Rongen Aktief is a very pleasant cooperation partner that we have enjoyed working with for years in the field of sporting projects. There is good thinking prior to the event and the performance is of excellent quality time and time again. They work with professional / enthusiastic guidance and neat materials.

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personeelsvereniging Joannusmo PV

PV outing with van Rongen Aktief

Rongen Aktief organized a super PV outing for us last Friday, September 25. In view of the current circumstances, the question for us was whether it could continue. Everything was organized outside and the activities were geared to it. Mr. Rongen had chosen a beautiful location for it "Evive on the water" and there were friendly spontaneous guides. Although it was cold, everyone enjoyed it and we think the organization deserves a good nine!

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eric euwals
New| willibrordus gilde Geijsteren|

laser shooting

thanks Rongen actively for the great activity we have been able to do with our guild ( guild Geijsteren).
45 people of which 10 people could shoot at the same time had a great afternoon
We were also very satisfied with the way you used the covid 19 measures
supervisor jesse thanks you too
it is certainly worth repeating

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Rob Rambags
Expert|Kasteeltuinen Arcen|

Extra beautiful summer evenings in Kasteeltuinen Arcen together with Rongen Actief

Last summer, Kasteeltuinen Arcen was open until 10 p.m. on a number of Thursdays. Rongen Actief has added fun activities to the program during these evening openings; including clay pigeon shooting and an archery game. Our guests really appreciated these activities. The Rongen Akties crew was also very hospitable to our visitors.

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Hans de Goede
New|Ministerie van Defensie|

Very good experiences with Rongen Aktief

From a number of positions (recruitment) within the Ministry of Defense, I hired climbing walls from the company Rongen Aktief.
The equipment was in a very good condition, there was always a very skilled and enthusiastic staff present. The prices that were used were very competitive and if there was no equipment available, a suitable solution was always sought. The events that were visited were throughout the Netherlands, the hired staff was always present and operational. All in all, Rongen Aktief is a company where it is pleasant to work with and certainly recommended.

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Anthony Vogels
New|Metameer jenaplan Boxmeer|

Stanchions active, flexible, cooperative, cooperative, professional and development-oriented

Rongen Actief has been a household name in our school organization for many years. During various moments (introduction, closing celebration), Rongen Actief provides a challenging program, appropriate to level and age.
Pleasant consultation, proactive, progressive and cooperative are words that come to my mind when I think of Rongen Actief as an organizer. Fun, challenging, working together and fun when I look at the practical implementation and the students.
We hope to enjoy the professionalism and good cooperation for many years to come!

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Rianne Habets
New|Swiss Sense BV|

Very pleasant afternoon curling, well organized!

Had a very successful afternoon curling thanks to Rongen Aktief. On location Rongen Aktief has set up the track including a party tent and benches and under the pleasant guidance of Rongen Aktief we had a very nice, active afternoon for our team with a diversity of ages!

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Anke Elegeert

Great start of the new school year in collaboration with Rongen Aktief

In the first weeks of the school year, we organize a fun introductory period for our new first graders at Merlet College.
Rongen Aktief has been there for years. They provide us with an active, varied and pleasant day, with various activities such as canoeing, clay pigeon shooting, live table football, archery Tag and climbing on a real climbing wall.
In this setting we get to know each other well. Group development is getting off to a good start. All this is partly due to the very good organization of Rongen Aktief.

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Gerard Jacobs

Skating in School

If winter does not come to us, we will come to winter. That is why the great skating rink of Rongen Aktief could be used to skate in the Blariacumcollege in Venlo. A fantastic winter and sports event with a lot of publicity. See the video below. Have fun skating.

Students in Venlo skate in their school -

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D. Geurts

A satisfied customer for many years.

In addition to our substructure, our superstructure with about 200 to 250 students has been using the tailor-made team building activities of "Rongen Aktief" for years. Every year we evaluate and the activities get better. The pleasant and accessible communication is very positive.

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Frank Mattheijssen
New|Merletcollege Cuijk|

Stanchions active Merletcollege Cuijk

On September 4, we organized an introduction day for students from 4 years old and 4 years old. Organizing goes well and smoothly, they think about what kind of activities suit the target group and there is frequent contact until everything is clear. Rongen is flexible with their mobile equipment so that they could set up everything close to the school, ideally students do not have to cycle or be taken elsewhere. The supervisors are enthusiastic and know how to motivate the students to participate. All in all, what a successful part of the day, I hope to be able to use their services more often in the future.

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Henri Habers

Introduction day

Thanks to the skilled and pleasant guidance of Rongen Aktief, our students had a nice introduction day.

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Anja Selten
New|de Regenboog|


Our children from school climbed a climbing wall at Rongen Aktief. This went very well. The children enjoyed it and so did we. They are flexible and organize fun and appropriate activities. We have also already had a nice team outing with them. Well cared for and various options. If I need something similar in the future, I will certainly come back to Rongen Aktief.

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