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  • De Corantijn 27-J, 1689 AN Zwaag, Netherlands

dBControl is a specialist in sound management at events in the Netherlands and Belgium. We assist and advise the organizer of an event regarding the noise standard in the permit. Founded in 2001, dBcontrol pioneered real-time sound management at events in the late 1990s. Many types and sizes of events have been followed.

The ideal 'sound control' consists of a lot of preparation. From location research, assistance and advice in the permit process, writing a noise measurement plan, extensive wireless measurement system, informing the sound technicians, noise management during the event, measuring, feedback, intervention, adjustment, official reporting, evaluation, up to and including state-of-the -art advice on source measures. Through years of experience, we can estimate quite well which part of the process should be emphasized.

In addition to measuring and controlling during events, dBcontrol also does a lot of work in the licensing phase. Drawing up an official calculation model of the festival with the environment is already almost standard with the application. The noise contours provide a lot of insight. For example, it can be determined in advance which stage will make the most contribution and where the complaints may come from.

dBcontrol has a proven international track record. The list of references is long, available on request.

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