De Posterbordengigant

De Posterbordengigant

De Posterbordengigant
  • Lange Lozanastraat 142, 2018 Antwerpen, Belgium

Where should we hang the posters? The poster board giant can help you with that!

The Posterbordgigant is a full service posterboard rental company. We have all poster boards in stock, making delivery possible immediately.

Since November 2018, the Poster Signs giant has also been located in Antwerp on the Lange Lozana Street. The poster board giant is headquartered in Werkendam near Breda and has been in existence since 1978

The Poster Signs giant not only rents and delivers poster signs behind the front door. We can also place these in the room and / or meeting room indicated by you. If you provide us with a floor plan in advance, we can place it in such a way that every poster and / or painting comes into its own. We do this based on years of experience with different customers and especially at different types of events and locations in various cities and buildings. We will of course collect the poster boards from you after the event.

The Poster Board Giant specializes in various types of high quality poster boards. They are available in various sizes: portrait / portrait or landscape. (see photos on the site '. We have poster boards in various sizes and styles, but all with a nice neutral appearance, which enables them to be placed both on locations with a sleek modern look and in monumental buildings.

Our poster boards consist of a sleek aluminum frame. All poster boards are fitted with blue or gray flannel lined panels. These panels can be affixed with push pins, thumbtacks or clean removable tape posters. If you rent poster boards from us, a bag of push / pins is supplied with each poster board. Completely free! We can also supply a mounting case containing suspension materials for paintings and frames. All the aforementioned panels can be used on both sides.

We can also supply poster boards that are plastic-coated on 2 sides. Posters can be affixed to these panels with clean removable tape. The choice of white plastic coated or flannel lined panels is determined by the product you want to present

The poster boards of De Posterbordgigant are unique. They are only made as a poster board. For more information, view our website or request our brochure by email.

Since August 2018, the Poster Board giant has been linked to its sister company Congress Warehouse. Congress warehouse rents additional and supporting poster boards flip charts, white boards, catheders, small screens on a tripod and other supporting means. For you as a conference organizer and location provider, this means 1 stop shopping: one point of contact, one time transport and both poster boards and supporting materials on one invoice.

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We are very satisfied with the punctuality, agreements that are kept and the contact by e-mail.

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