One of the key features of our company includes our commitment to being a leading innovator in the field of composite mats (flooring). Throughout our product range, our company also specializes in the design, manufacture and distribution of high quality flooring that cater for a wide range of industries, including events, construction oil and gas plus utilities.

Our key products for events cater for:

Stadium flooring;

Pitch protection flooring;

Pedestrian & vehicular pitch protection;

Tent flooring;

Expo flooring;

Dance floors

Through our matting provision We are able to secure stable ground surfaces in challenging environments. Key features of our mats include durability, longevity, eco-friendly and easy to install. Our business offers a range of mat size, colours and configurations to meet the specific needs of your individual project/s. Some of the key features include reduced instillation costs, Enhanced performance characteristics plus Customization and Scalability.

If you are looking to put together any event, we are ready to facilitate your every occasion. Our team are looking forward to discuss how our professional flooring can meet your Events requirements.

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