Urban Hunt is a unique city game where you discover the city in a special way. A charged smartphone and great company. That's all it takes to create a memorable team building event together with colleagues.

Escape room and geocaching combined

The group is split into teams. They try to finish as high as possible in the rankings by collecting points. During the game, which lasts 95 minutes, you are presented with 20 creative assignments. These are accompanied by drone footage, manipulated photos, mysterious audio clips, enigmatic videos, drawings of historical figures, Lego-reconstructed monuments and South African instructions.

Link with the city

During Urban Hunt it is not just about the points. After all, every question is linked to the city. Moreover, the assignments are accompanied by historical, cultural and special facts about the city. In addition to the tourist hotspots, you also get to know unknown but no less beautiful places.

Putting a heel on other teams

The number of points received for correctly solving an assignment is dynamic and depends on many factors such as the number of teams that have already solved the assignment correctly/incorrectly. The web application also contains a live scoreboard and shows the location of the other teams. All this creates the necessary tension. Strategy and shrewdness are just as important as having a bright mind.

Plug and play

No complicated downloads or technology. Simplicity and reliability were central to the development of Urban Hunt. Starting the game is child's play and only takes a few minutes. Moreover, nothing needs to be downloaded by colleagues.


Afterwards you will receive an overview full of fascinating and fun statistics about the game. In addition to a graphical representation of the points progression, you can see which team won the sprint bomb award and the coffee chat award.

Practical information

  • 2 to 150 employees
  • Price: +- €12 pp
  • Duration: +- 2 hours: 5 minutes explanation - 95 minutes game - 15 minutes meeting again + postcards
  • Calm or intensive

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