Cabane Gitane is a mobile stage in a handy caravan, with the appearance of a cozy living room. An all-in-one atmosphere concept.

Excellent for small intimate concerts , events, sideshows at festivals, DJ booth, children's entertainment, street theater or as an (more) original information desk.

Beautiful finish, easy assembly and dismantling, equipped with professional speakers and mixing console, everything an organizer needs, without the hassle.

Cabane Gitane is the product of a music professional in the corona crisis. So don't hesitate to ask for an artistic act , we have a number of residents!

Cabane Gitane
Small concert?
February 1, 2022

Keep it simple, Cabane Gitane has light, sound, stage and music.

With its living room look, this handy caravan creates a cozy atmosphere for an intimate concert, theater, playing records or even an information desk.

In addition, it is easily installed, and quickly returned!

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