Not goodbye, but O'Revoir: Special Remembrance Moment at a unique Limburg location
27 July 2020

O'Revoir offers a different kind of 'coffee table' post-corona. In times of corona, people cannot fully say goodbye to their loved ones. O'Revoir offers a solution for this in a post-corona era. With a 'Special Remembrance Moment' - tailored to and taste of the deceased - at a unique Limburg location. Earlier last month, O'Revoir grief expert Katrijn Desteghe called on mourners not to forget during this remote corona period. “People have not been able to say goodbye in a beautiful and connected way, which makes it more difficult for them to continue,” said Katrijn Desteghe, grief expert at O'Revoir. Five Limburg locations O'Revoir developed an offer in which love and commemoration are central. A 'Special Alternative' in which grief still has a place. The 'Special Memorial Moment' can take place at a location of your choice, but also at one of the five unique Limburg locations with which O'Revoir collaborates. Villa Zwart Goud part of Witti Group (Heusden-Zolder) Watt17 part of Witti Group (Heusden-Zolder) Tiendschuur (Herkenrode Abbey Hasselt) Face a Face (Bree) Het Goed van Gothem (Heers) the various Limburg O'Revoir locations have been developed together with the local partners who are behind the O'Revoir offer with heart and soul ”, says Sophie Naze, inspired entrepreneur. the Special Remembrance Moment. " O'Revoir continues to work behind the scenes on offerings in other regions and at even more unique locations. Your own location is also possible. Different kind of 'coffee table' A standard Special Remembrance Moment lasts 3 hours. A personal ceremony with an O'Revoir pastor is followed by a reception. This reception is a different kind of 'coffee table'. This can be tailored to the size and taste of the deceased. There is room for personal input with photos, anecdotes and music. The complete offer: https://www.orevoir.be/bijzondere-herdenkingsmomenten

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