Gijsels bvba

Gijsels bvba

Gijsels bvba
  • Kanaalstraat 17, 2520 Emblem, Belgium

Who are we?

Our company started in 1996 as an installation company for industrial companies.

Since 2000 we have been operating officially under the name 'Gijsels BVBA'. This is how we celebrated our 20th anniversary in 2020 and the evolution from our early years is clearly visible. We soon developed into a company that is responsible for the rental of all kinds of things, with our generating sets taking the most important place.

We will always look for the right solutions when the customer has a problem. Even if it seems impossible, we make it possible and provide the service you want. Flexibility and service are our top priority. Thanks to this good service and our customer-oriented approach, we have a diverse customer base that is constantly growing.

As a family business, we find it extremely important that contacts with our customers run correctly. This way we are always ready for them 24/7.

What do we rent out?

  • Generating sets (6 to 630 KVA) (using parallel connection it is possible to achieve higher capacities)
  • Distribution boards and cables
  • Fuel tanks
  • Light poles
  • Heras fencing
  • Fuel heaters
  • Electric heating
  • 4x4 forklifts
  • Automatic transfer panels
  • Cable trays
  • ...

In the event of a malfunction, we ensure a quick intervention and / or replacement of the generator .

Gijsels bvba
Test and vaccination centers
April 19, 2021

Power supply, ventilation, lighting and / or heating in the test and vaccination centers in Antwerp, Turnhout, Grobbendonk, Geel, Anderlecht, Etterbeek and Lier. 😷🦠

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