Gijsels bvba

Gijsels bvba

Who are we?

Gijsels BVBA started as an electrical installation company . The rental of generators soon took an important place. As a family business, we think it is important that the contacts with our customers run correctly. Flexibility and service are therefore our top priority. Thanks to that good service and our customer-oriented approach, we have a diverse customer base that is constantly growing.

What do we rent?

  • Generating sets with a power ranging between 1 and 550KVA.
  • Distribution boards and cables
  • Fuel tanks
  • Light poles
  • Heras fencing
  • Diesel heating
  • Electric heating
  • 4x4 forklift trucks
  • Automatic switch panels
  • ...

In case of malfunction, we provide a quick intervention and / or a replacement unit .

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