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Chatroulette surprising booster online event platform
Invitado Visitor Management|
29 May 2020

Great interest in streaming platform registration specialist It's just a small, optional module in Transmisión Livestreams, the online event platform of registration specialist Invitado from Rotterdam: Chatroulette, in which participants are randomly linked together for quick 1-on-1 video chats of one minute. But it is precisely this module that sparked great interest in the total solution that Invitado offers for inspiring online events. Spectators or participants? We are always looking for creative additions, 'explains Michiel Droog of Invitado. 'We can offer a solid platform for streaming plenary sessions to spectators, but we are certainly not unique in that.' And so the company started looking for additional services that can bring online and hybrid events to life. How do you turn spectators into participants? That is the question that many organizers face in this New Normal. The answer is as simple as it is effective: by adding interaction to your online or hybrid event that goes beyond the standard chat function. ' Modules for engagement Within Invitado's Transmisión Livestreams, the basic platform can be set up for this purpose with various modules. For example, questions can be asked of the speakers, participants can jointly carry out creative assignments during digital round table sessions and plenary sessions can be enlivened with live polls. 'But with the latter module you can just as easily organize a pub quiz,' says Droog enthusiastically. 'You activate your participants and ensure fun and engagement.' Outright hit Just like with the chatroulette, a tool that was initially intended to be used during the dead waiting moments in the online program, but which has now turned out to be a direct hit. 'Where on the one hand we focus on matchmaking, with which we specifically link participants to each other, in this tool it is coincidence that plays an important role,' says Droog with a laugh. 'Although this also obviously hides the necessary intelligence: as an organizer you can, if you wish, define groups of participants who can come into contact with each other.' From participant registration to live registration Transmisión Livestreams of Invitado is aimed at bringing online events to life and captivating the participants from start to finish. Michiel Droog: 'This can be done by adding matchmaking, but also by using the services of external digital producers with whom we work closely. In this way we are able to offer a total product: one-stop-shopping. from participant registration to live registration. '

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