GUTS Tickets

GUTS Tickets

  • Piet Heinkade 181H, 1019 HC Amsterdam, Netherlands

GUTS is a revolutionary ticketing system that helps to eliminate ticket fraud and commercial resale.

Every day, fans enjoy concerts, festivals, theater performances and competitions. Popular events sell out quickly. Often unnecessarily fast because merchants earn money by reselling second-hand tickets. That is bad for the halls, theaters, artists and of course also for fans.

Rather go for GUTS. Then you are ready for the future thanks to blockchain technology. We make buying tickets for a fair price simple, transparent and super safe.

With GUTS Tickets your customer can easily and safely buy and sell his or her tickets. As an organizer, you keep 100% control over the sale, even if the ticket is resold, without this costing your customers extra money.

Thanks to the innovative ticketing protocol, visitors can have their ticket scanned via their telephone. GUTS connects the visitor directly to the organizer through this system, which can therefore also communicate directly with the visitor.

As an organizer, GUTS also collects very relevant data; you know exactly which visitors are actually present at the event, regardless of how often the ticket is (resold). Promotion of new events is therefore also very simple.

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1 review on GUTS Tickets

Thomas van Dijk

Fast access

It's great that the resale of tickets is prevented in this way. I only had one code to access the theater, which we had scanned, and the entire group could enter.

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