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Hospitality supports restart after Covid19 crisis
The Frontline Company|
25 May 2020

As everyone knows by now, almost all companies are affected by this Corona crisis. The virus does not discriminate and all sectors are hit hard. The event world is also being hit hard. But by working together and supporting each other, we will undoubtedly get through. The Frontline Company is happy to help with this resurrection! The Frontline Company has certainly not been idle in recent weeks. We have deployed the necessary people at supermarkets and various construction sites to check Social Distancing, disinfect carts and explain the guidelines to customers and visitors. Make sure your customers know their safety is important to you! This, of course, with our well-known 'hospitality mindset'. This way the customers get the feeling that they are being helped by that pleasant man / woman from The Frontline Company. We prefer to speak of 'Physcial Distancing', because we like to keep the social close to our hearts. Of course we also look further to the post-corona era. With the predetermined exit strategy in sight, we can of course also offer this service in various other places: shops, garden centers, museums, educational institutions, public places, ... Can you use people to guarantee physical distancing or to speak to your customers and a reassure? Then our hosts and hostesses, our promos and our stewards can undoubtedly help you! It is clear that after the 'quarantine period' measures are still taken with regard to physical contact. We look at all options and follow the instructions closely ... Our mouth masks have already arrived ... Questions about the possibilities? Contact us: Management:  0478 / 72.56.86 Sales: 0478 / 62.51.22

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Kevin Van der Straeten
Leader | | 26 May 2020

Keep up the good work!

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