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Every day we receive dozens of e-mails asking for a ‘link exchange’. Webmasters want high quality links to their website, so as to rank higher on search engines such as Google and Bing. We are encouraged that so many webmasters notice that is among the top results on search engines, which is exactly why webmasters are asking for a link. A link from THE reference website for the event industry to your own website is indeed an important asset for a higher ranking on search engines. has been evolving for over 17 years now, featuring strong editorial articles while diligently compiling the largest database of event locations and suppliers. We do that  according to the rules of the art, ensuring unique content. Isn’t that why search engines view our site as a valuable resource and also why you want a link on our website? As a professional publisher, we operate our platform with the support of our advertisers. We  never post free links, nor do we respond to pure link building questions.

The possibilities for placing a qualitative link on our website include:

  • Are you active in the event industry as an event venue, caterer, rental company, ...? If so, you can add your event business to our database. If you choose one of the professional options, you will receive a qualitative link to your website on your business page. You can also use the safe review system of Google loves our reviews! Integrate them on your own website and your ranking will be positively influenced. For that reason alone, the investment in a business page on is worth it. But don't forget that the main reason for registering on our site is still the more than 127,000 organizers per month who use our site to look for the perfect location and the best suppliers for their events.
  • You can also place an article on our site with 1 link to your website below. Via an advertorial, we bring your product or service to the attention of our readers and +50,000 subscribers to our newsletter. Articles must always be relevant to our sector. They must be informative, standalone, and as required by law, get an ‘advertorial’ label. Download our media kit for more information and rates.

We do never (so you don't have to try it):

  • Post articles/links for the sole purpose of SEO. Advertorials must always ensure value for our readers. Our editors decide independent, based on the submitted content.
  • Add links to articles published in the past. That is not professional, from a journalistic point of view.
  • Negotiate prices. Our rates are competitive and fair. 
  • Explore non-serious queries. Given the large volume of link building questions we receive, we only answer those questions which raise substantive issues. Mails from spammers are trashed.