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Event Confederation urges to allow all events from September 1.
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19 August 2021

Trust the organizers & room owners

Owners, organizers, agencies and their customers need to take control of events and how to organize them. Our sector has been in 'lock down' for 18 months and has still not had the opportunity to restart economically profitable. 3000 companies and 80,000 people are asking to get started.

We call on the authorities not to judge events on their type or number of visitors, but on the environment (indoor/outdoor) and on the capacity of that environment (often imposed by fire service standards).

The event sector has to get off the penalty bench, the vaccination rate has been reached

The pandemic is not over, but the event sector has to get off the bench. Our sector has invested heavily in co-developing systems that work, CIRM, CERM, and CST. Our sector was involved in the large-scale vaccination campaign with advice and action. The willingness to vaccinate was enormous throughout the general population. The same population wants to go to the (several) moved wedding party, the roadshow, the dance party, and that is now possible in safe conditions.

“The broad Event Confederation will be a reliable partner of the regional and federal governments in the professional implementation of this reopening,” said Bruno Schaubroeck – spokesperson for Event Confederation.”

We propose the following plan:


We ask that no restrictions are imposed on locations smaller than 200 people. Halls with an approved capacity above 200 should be allowed to voluntarily open at full capacity using the CST, if an organizer chooses to use CIRM & CERM this should also be allowed until the end of September. We can agree to require the CST for indoor events with more than 1500 visitors and at full capacity throughout September.


We ask not to impose any restrictions for gatherings smaller than 400 people (also in tents with 2 sides open). Outdoor events from 400 to 5000 people must have the choice of CST (whereby visitors do not have to keep a distance or wear mouth masks) or CIRM/CERM. We understand that outdoor events with more than 5000 visitors still have to apply the CST in September.

End of September = End of CST, CIRM & CERM

After the end of September, CST, CIRM and CERM must be a thing of the past. The social relevance of these restrictions is then outdated. From then on, the government must focus on communication to target groups that have not been vaccinated.


Event Confederation wants to actively develop a framework and collect data on ventilation together with the corona commissioner, federal and regional policy and specialized research bodies. We commit ourselves to actively participate in this, to collect data. Conclusions must be drawn from this study about ventilation that we can apply in general public life, in public buildings, schools and of course also event & cultural locations. The authorities must allocate the necessary budgets for the research as well as for the implementation of these results.

“There must be a green light on Friday, August 20 without delay to reopen by September 1 at the latest, our businesses are bleeding after 18 months of closure.” said Bruno Schaubroeck – spokesperson for Event Confederation”.

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