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What's neXt?
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12 May 2021

Our social life has been restricted since March 2020. We had to telecommute and limited our social circle to a bubble. Company events were canceled, festivals canceled,… in short, the events sector was turned upside down.

When you are upside down, you see the world from a different perspective

Difficulties become possibilities. Obstacles become opportunities to jump. Fast Forward wouldn't be Fast Forward if we didn't look with an open mind to the future ahead.

We are sure that the party will soon start, the blast will explode and the roaring twenties will revive. Companies will once again want to connect live with employees and customers. When that moment comes, we are in the starting blocks!

As Fast Forward, we don't just think out of the box; we also DO out of the box. We are experts in finding creative solutions to successfully bring ideas to life.

NeXt scooter?

We have grown from a creative underdog to an innovative established value, to leaders in the corporate events world. Over the years we have reinvented ourselves several times: from extreme sports events to brand activation, from brand activation to corporate experiences, the arrival of Idee Fiks with a focus on 'kids & family', to the move to digital and hybrid last year. events with 'Digital Meets Live'.

Today we see the ideal springboard to grow to the next step in our story. Our next chapter will be written with the same ink, and with new pens. We want to be able to service customers even better and faster in an A to Z story. Being there for them with real total solutions. A story that we call “Fast Forward neXt”.

The challenges ahead are great, but bundled forces will help us come out stronger TOGETHER. To do this, we join forces with a partner of whom we are 100% sure that their DNA matches ours and that the same creative blood flows through their veins. They are also the promoters of our motto “make the impossible possible” and make that happen with fantastically beautiful project realizations.

Real total solutions

Fast Forward neXt means that we join forces with Butik Agency . BUTIK is a renowned player in B2C and B2B brand activations that we have been looking up to with healthy jealousy for years. They know better than anyone how to engage customers with your brand or product. They extend live brand experiences to social media, digital platforms, packtivation, brand advocacy, out of the box visibility and trade activation. These new insights and fresh ideas form the basis of Fast Forward neXt.

“Fast Forward and BUTIK are no strangers. We got to know each other at Red Bull, the perfect school as it turns out. In addition to that previous employer, we also share the same vision of creative solutions for brands and companies. It feels good TOGETHER. We believe that the cross-fertilization between consumer and corporate experience makes us and our customers stronger. ” Pascal Cauwelier (director Fast Forward)

“After this digital revolution, people will be more central than ever, whether they are consumers or employees. BUTIK, together with Fast Forward, wants to focus on these human experiences and that in all possible expressions: social, digital and live. That makes us very complementary and so we become even better in our creative performances for our customers and partners. Moreover, this partnership allows us to tackle increasingly complex projects cost-efficiently. Our shared back office takes care of logistics, admin, software platforms, HR, hosts and hostesses, bartenders, merchandising, ... You name it. ” Nico Ruell (founder BUTIK agency)

All-round flexible network

We are also taking steps with Fast Forward neXt in the field of modern business operations. By inviting the right people to the table for each customer project, across companies, we work truly agile and customer-oriented.

Thanks to this collaboration, Fast Forward has access to the BRANDBLOXX group and thus to numerous experts from different domains, such as digital development, lead generation, social media, and employee engagement. Now that professional experiences no longer only take place live, these skills are indispensable in realizing a strong all-round, data-driven concept.

Fast Forward will operate from two hubs: Ghent and Antwerp. Customers are warmly welcomed in both hubs. And all employees are given the freedom to work where they want: in one of our two hubs, from home, in a coffee bar, in the park ... There are no limits, just one and the same goal.

Fast Forward neXt

So if you ask us “What's neXt?”, We have a creative answer ready. An answer we can be proud of. We represent it with a big X as a symbol. A symbol for TOGETHER. For cross-pollination. For more Xperts around the table. For multiplication.

Fast Forward neXt will remain Fast Forward, but now has direct access to more. More expertise. More structure. More inspiration. In short, more synergy. We are more together because we do more together.

We are confident that we are entering a fantastic new chapter that will benefit all of us.

Never waste a good crisis, they say. Well, we are ready to turn everything upside down! We are #thrilledtopieces, so get ready for Fast Forward next.

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