De Koninck - Antwerp City Brewery
De Koninck will be a digital event location
De Koninck - Antwerp City Brewery|
03 February 2021

A hidden gem is hidden in the cellars of De Koninck City Brewery. Where the cheeses of cheese refiners Van Tricht rest, just like the meat of The Butcher's Store, where baker Kenney makes his patisserie and where Joachim Verbrugghe took up residence with '1833', a 'secret' speakeasy. In the Brewer's Cave - a part of the cellar that normally only the brew master has access to - 'specials' are ripening to the tones of Barry White. But in the coming months, the brewer will also open up its cellar as a 'digital studio' from which you can give webinars and live stream events. The space was transformed into a professionally lit studio. You give presentations or hold online events in an intimate setting, next to the oak barrels filled with specialty beer. Would you like to end your online event with an original activity? Then you can also book a virtual bear & food pairing session. The beer sommelier gives an online tasting with beers and possibly matching snacks that participants previously received at home.

From zoom sessions with colleagues to virtual events with clients, webinars, a conference, interactive brainstorming sessions or performance: online events are the new normal. City brewery De Koninck is developing into a digital event location. The Brewer's Cave has been transformed into a fully professionally lit studio, including three cameras, microphones for four speakers, a flat screen TV, WiFi, streaming to all live streaming platforms, connection and integration to an external guest speaker. Audium, an audiovisual production company, provides professional equipment and the necessary technical assistance and support. And best of all: anyone who wants can also book a virtual bear & food pairing session. Viewers will receive a package at home containing three beers and matching snacks from the Smaakmakers on the site, followed by an online session by the beer sommelier. Virtual hanging and networking at its best.

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