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New Balls Please launches creative drive-in concepts! #stayinyourcar
New Balls Please bvba|
04 May 2020

Now that the exit strategy is starting up, it is time for companies to dream back. Dreaming of a restart, (economic) perspective and organizing unique events. Naturally COVID-safe, taking into account all applicable security measures to offer visitors an optimal and creative experience. People want to get together again, entertain, go out, experience a learning or inspiration moment. In short, something in the agenda to look forward to, a perspective to be able to dream again. Today New Balls Please presents an original formula where all this is possible: the DRIVE-IN CONCEPTS Under the playful name # STAY-IN-YOUR-CAR, countless unique and safe concepts can be developed that will offer a guarantee of success. We are thinking of # drive-in-movie (blissful movie moment), # drive-in comedy (laughter is healthy), # drive-in-kids (fun for the whole family), # drive-in-launch ( new product in the spotlight), # drive-in party (volume on ten), # drive-in conference (version 3.0) and # drive-in-heroes (thanks to your employees) Catering via your own # drive-through and drinks brought to the cars on rollerblades? Honking becomes the new applause and the car can be personalized and freshened up according to the wishes of the visitor. These events can be organized on your own parking lot, in the warehouse or a nearby (nature) location, taking into account all necessary permits and safety rules. Physical distancing (1.5m) is guaranteed anyway! Interested in brainstorming with us about your next event? Then be sure to contact New Balls Please!

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Kevin Van der Straeten
Leader | | 04 May 2020

Mooie concepten!