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"Very pleased to be able to receive visitors again"
Sportpaleis Antwerpen|
02 February 2022

The launch of the corona barometer means that the halls of Sportpaleis Group can also open again for concerts and performances. In code red this is only with a seated audience, but this restriction is expected to be lifted soon. "We are absolutely delighted to be able to receive artists and visitors again," says CEO Jan Van Esbroeck. “Finally we can come together again and enjoy sports, music and theater.”

Despite code red, the corona barometer already allows some indoor activities. The so-called non-dynamic activities – events with an exclusively seated audience – are once again possible. This means that the scheduled basketball matches of Telenet Antwerp Giants in the Lotto Arena can continue. The Disney on Ice skating spectacle can also take place from February 18 in Forest National and from February 23 in the Lotto Arena. Meanwhile, Andrea Bocelli on March 5 reconfirms his concert in the Sportpaleis, just like Bart Peeters on February 19 in the Stadsschouwburg Antwerp and Gers Pardoel on March 5 in the Lotto Arena. The Trixxo Theater in Hasselt opens on March 4 with 'K3 Kom Erbij'. Kommil Foo will kick off on 12 and 13 February in Capitole Gent.

What exactly does code red mean?

Indoor activities can take place again in 'code red'. Non-dynamic activities – meaning with an exclusively seated audience – are possible again. Depending on the ventilation and thus the air quality, 70% of the visitor capacity is allowed. Of course, the existing measures such as the Covid Safe Ticket Plus (CST +) and the mouth mask continue to apply.

Sportpaleis Group reassures everyone who has tickets for a concert or performance. "We are doing everything we can to review the practical feasibility of 'code red' for each concert or performance as soon as possible in consultation with our promoters and organizers. For the time being, it remains to be seen for events with a standing audience and/or that are complete. sold out," explains Jan Van Esbroeck.

"We make every effort to inform visitors"

"It is difficult at this time to make a general statement about all planned events. We therefore advise everyone to consult our websites and the help center. Ticket buyers will be informed of any change by e-mail," said Kristel Lissens , Head of Ticketing at Sportpaleis Group. "We make every effort to inform visitors per event. You do not have to take any action yourself."

“After an uncertain and difficult time, things are looking good again for our visitors, promoters and artists. We hope to go to code orange on the corona barometer soon so that we can get back to work and do what we are good at: bringing people together for a fun, pleasant time. Everyone has deserved that in the meantime," concludes Jan Van Esbroeck.

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