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Barometer brings perspective, but not enough for the broad sector
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22 January 2022

There is a barometer thanks to the hard work of the cabinets. The final parameters are not yet completely clear, but part of our sector can certainly get back to work under the barometer in phase red. This is a good evolution and politicians deserve thanks for this.

The event sector opens to never close again, we have to get out of this working, phase orange should be possible in mid-February.

As a society, we must do everything we can to ensure that 'dynamic indoor events' such as network events and concerts can also be organized as quickly as possible by mid-February.

Throughout Europe, countries such as France, England, Ireland are relaxing the conditions for, for example, standing concerts, here too the government must show its confidence in the professional functioning of the sector & in the discipline of the visitors and ensure that we quickly reach the orange phase. .

We call on the corona commissariat to work realistically with us to define the standards in the coming days, the competitive position of our companies should not suffer from the barometer.

Ventilation will become more important in society as a whole, including in our sector.

As an event sector, we are used to anticipating, and we are now going to do the same with regard to ventilation standards. However, the government should be realistic about this, we refer to the structural consultation years ago regarding DB standardization, which resulted in a workable model. We want to be a constructive party in structuring ventilation in our environments as well, provided there is a period of consultation and research first, but we do not want to be treated more strictly than other social environments.

"It is good that there is a barometer, now we need to talk seriously about the phases, spring is the time to organize indoor events, we have to make sure that they are possible within the barometer from Valentine's Day. We are a professional sector and there has to be trust in organizers and in the visitors," said Bruno Schaubroeck Spokesperson of the Event Confederation.

Given the continuing uncertainty of the situation, the government will have to install a broad system of government guarantees to guarantee our event entrepreneurs that their entrepreneurial risk is covered under variations of the barometer. We hope to discuss this with the cabinets soon.

The support measures for the sector should be maintained until the last company has started up and the last freelancer has a job.

It goes without saying that we remain available for further consultation. The event sector wants to get out of this already working.

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