• Elstrekenweg 104B, 3520 Zonhoven, Belgium

Let your safety be our concern

Securipro is licensed for the protection of movable and immovable property and for the protection of persons in publicly accessible places. All our employees have followed at least the specific legal training and have the necessary professional experience in order to constantly and optimally guarantee your safety, Securipro is a financially independent company, with a strong continuity and an important expansion, which succeeds through minimal overhead and optimal organization, very budget-friendly. We are in full expansion and can provide services for your company or association. We distinguish ourselves through a personalized, innovative approach and the service of our trained people.

Our Events guards take care of the following tasks

  • Parking management
  • Guidance of the people flow
  • Access control
  • Reception and orientation of the public
  • Protection of movable and immovable property
  • Providing a communication network
  • Fire prevention and control

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