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The Oval Office and the Bureau for Reuring become one
The Oval Office|
20 July 2021

Communication agency The Oval Office announces that The Oval Office Nederland and the Dutch Bureau voor Reuring one. By joining forces, they want to become the strongest 'experience-driven' communication agency in the Netherlands. The agency that really connects through the power of empathy. The Oval Office has offices in Belgium, France and the Netherlands.

Stronger, more diverse, more international

Based on a shared vision, both offices are taking a big step today: Bureau voor Reuring and The Oval Office going for a complete merger. Together they create 'the agency of tomorrow' to optimally support 'the customer of tomorrow' with all its communication challenges. It will be a creative communication agency that, based on the power of empathy, strives for a real connection between brands and their audience.

Both have distinguished themselves for years by focusing on events and activations in their campaigns. Beautiful brands such as Randstad, Google,, Nintendo, Snapchat and know how to find their way to them. The entrepreneurs behind these agencies, Christine van Dalen and Wouter Boits, want to provide their customers with the best possible service by always being one step ahead of the market. And that market is in full swing: more than ever it appears to be hybrid, diverse, human-centric, specialized and integrated.

Wouter Boits, CEO The Oval Office: “Society expects more from brands. More respect, openness and transparency. A campaign should be experienced by people as an experience that adds real value to their lives, not as an unsolicited interruption. Christine and I share the same vision on communication, which we will now realize with even more clout thanks to the merger”.

1 + 1 = 30

The soon-to-be thirty-strong team will bring together all the expertise that can be expected from an activating communication agency today: a mix of 'live', 'digital', 'content', 'social', 'loyalty', 'branding' and 'media'. By pulling together, the scale is considerably increased. Not only in the Netherlands, but also in Belgium and France, the same strong work is delivered via the offices of The Oval Office, without language and cultural boundaries being an obstacle.

Bureau voor Reuring founder Christine van Dalen takes on the role of Strategy Director in the Dutch new organization, so that she can give her full focus to clients. This creates a need for an inspiring Managing Director, for whom a vacancy is currently being posted.

Christine van Dalen, CEO Bureau voor Reuring: “My love for the work is mainly expressed in conversations with customers and in developing concepts and campaigns. I am happy that I can now focus on that by working with a larger team and an experienced, talented MT.”

As a first step, The Oval Office will move in September to the current office of the Bureau voor Reuring, in the Diamantfabriek on the Tolstraat in Amsterdam. In time, the merged organization will continue under the name The Oval Office.

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