FestiTent takes the Festipis into the family
18 May 2021

It is now more than clear that in the past 13 months as a festival sector we can mainly be found in the corner where the big Corona hits. This was fatal for tipi landlord Festipi BV from Hengelo (NL). On April 12th, Festipi was declared bankrupt. The Belgian FestiTent is now taking over the 300 teepee tents. In this way, both the festivals involved and consumers can probably be helped further.

From start-up to market leader

FestiTent already had more than 2000 single- to four-person sleeping tents in circulation at 50 European festivals. Festival visitors can book a sleeping tent in advance via www.festitent.com. When you arrive at the festival, everything is ready-to-use. The festival visitor no longer has to lug around with camping equipment or compete with tent poles. The FestiTenten and Festipis are two products that are very close to each other. FestiTent focuses on ease of use and the Festipi adds a little more experience. An experience that hopefully can be brought to 75 European festivals from later this summer and certainly in 2022. This makes FestiTent the definitive market leader as a provider of ready-to-use sleeping tents at festival campsites.

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