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Planning a party in the times of Corona
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11 January 2021

Many people have doubts about the organization of their family party or event this year. Not letting go, still waiting, already making reservations, ...

In addition to the possible disappointment, there is also the financial risk if an advance has to be paid.

Because we want to keep thinking positively and still convince doubters, we guarantee the following:

Currently no activity is allowed to take place. Nevertheless, it is already possible to book for any date in 2021, with the desired number of people.

If the party cannot take place - because there are not yet any further relaxations or new strictures - you can choose to cancel and get your deposit back in full. Moving is of course also possible, but is not an obligation.

Even if the number of partygoers allowed is lower than expected, you have the choice to cancel, postpone or continue with a smaller group. This also applies if there are still serious restrictions that make you choose not to let the activity take place.

If the number of people really becomes too low for us as a food truck (eg only in a family context), we can also cancel and refund the advance.

It goes without saying that we will always follow the mandatory hygiene measures that apply at that time. Extra cleaning, masks, markings for distance, ... This without charging an extra cost.

In this way we would like to contribute to make 2021 a fantastic festive year!

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