How do I make sure my guests stick to five feet away?
18 June 2020

Research by the RIVM shows that the Dutch find it difficult to keep a distance of one and a half meters. This makes event managers still reluctant to bring people together. How do you ensure that your guests stick to a distance of 1.5 meters? To help event managers, evisit is introducing the social distance guard (SDG). A tool for guests at your event to keep to the 1.5m distance. THE HAGUE, 20200611 - Research by the RIVM shows that the one-and-a-half-meter society is difficult. People are aware to keep a distance of 1.5m, but it sometimes turns out to be difficult to realize in practice. A huge challenge for event managers as physical events are allowed to get going again slowly. evisit introduces the social distance guard (SDG). A handy tool for all guests at your physical event. SDG helps to comply with the 1.5m distance. No physical events, no full terraces and no clinking glasses in restaurants for over 2 months. Many event managers have therefore recently focused on offering online events. "A very nice development and we believe that hybrid events are really the future", says Bart Grol, general director of evisit. 'However, we notice that many event managers are still reluctant to bring their guests together. We have been looking for a product that helps to comply with the 1.5 meter rule. How does it work? The SDG stands for social distance guard and is a device that sends a signal when someone gets too close or when you get too close to someone else. By means of the lanyard you simply hang the SDG around your neck and it will beep when someone (also with an SDG) comes closer than 1.5m away. The SDG offers security for guests and a bit of control for event managers. 'It is a useful aid for guests to keep their distance'. Exactly what we want to achieve, says Ronald Heemskerk, Operations Manager at evisit. About evisit evisit was founded in 1997 and is located in The Hague. evisit is the market leader in supporting corporate event managers. It provides high quality software and services and offers all facets for the registration of an event. evisit was the first event registration tool to be ISO27001 certified on July 14, 2017, which means it complies with all AVG / GDPR requirements. More information: https://www.evisit.nl/socialdistanceguard

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