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05 June 2020

The events sector shot into its most creative gear during the corona crisis. Mobility partner Fluxology is no exception. They wrote an open source roadmap, available at www.fluxology.be so that everyone can organize safe and pleasant drive-in events, from local Chiro to music multinational. A conversation with company founders, Jasper Foré and Kenny Vanderhaeghe. It goes without saying that this corona crisis has seriously affected the events sector. Consequently also for Fluxology, say Foré and Vanderhaeghe. The core business of their company is assisting event organizers with every aspect of mobility to, from and during an event. They have built up a great deal of experience and expertise in this field over the past ten years. Using a hands-on approach, Fluxology can offer a thoughtful mobility approach. The corona virus meant that the sector had to use its own inventiveness and flexibility. Organizers looked for and found suitable alternatives, such as drive-in events. At these events it is the intention, for example, to attend a film, festival or concert with and in your own car. Fluxology immediately jumped on the cart. The founders saw the company, as an experienced mobility partner, fit into this picture perfectly. Organizing drive-in events is not self-evident, say Foré and Vanderhaeghe. This involves a lot of thinking and planning. Just think of sight lines, public flows, facilities and on-site communication. The fact that the corona guidelines are regularly updated doesn't make it any easier. It cannot be underestimated how complicated it is to respect physical distancing regulations. Logically, many organizers have little experience in this new matter and it is difficult for them to see the forest for the trees. In this regard, Fluxology aims to be the ideal partner for all organizers, large or small, by sharing its expertise. The company designed a roadmap especially for this, which highlights every phase of mobility from A to Z. This ranges from planning and communication to on-site implementation. In concrete terms, the central aim of the roadmap is to avoid contacts between different visitors as much as possible. Visitor flows must therefore be correctly and clearly controlled, with the result that the site must also be divided into different zones in a well-considered manner. These two things are of crucial importance, so they must be taken into account from the conceptual phase of an event. For larger events this will mean that, for example, different time slots must be set up for arrival and departure. Smaller events, however, must also be able to guarantee distance between cars. These organizers can therefore turn to Fluxology, as a mobility partner for Greenhouse Talent and the Africa Museum, to receive further support with the necessary expertise and experience. This new roadmap will also come in handy in the future. Foré and Vanderhaeghe are convinced that once the crisis comes to an end, the increased focus on health and hygiene will not disappear any time soon. Awareness of potential risks has increased dramatically in recent months. Organizers will be expected to take strict health measures, especially until a vaccine is available. Unfortunately, a second or even third corona peak is not inconceivable. Prevention is better than cure, which is why every organizer has an interest in gathering as much know-how as possible now. Fluxology is also convinced that the tips from their roadmap will remain relevant for a long time to come. For example, the smooth organization of inflow and outflow will remain important at all times. Physical distancing regulations create expectations that will linger for a long time to come. And of course, according to the founders, taking into account lines of sight and drawing your terrain is not something that should only be done in times of corona. Finally, Fluxology also continues to offer extensive expertise that goes beyond the roadmap.

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