Postillion Hotels and Momice set the standard for 1.5m events
03 June 2020

Small meetings are allowed again from 1 June. But these meetings can only succeed if the participants have confidence in safety. Postillion Hotels came up with a personal boarding pass, on which all personal safety information about the event is shared. With this, Postillion Hotels and Momice show how locations and organizers can prevent contamination with the covid-19 virus at events. Aviation procedures with both feet on the ground The boarding pass shows the name, but also the personally assigned entrance, exit, toilet and lunch room in a clear map. Just like in an airplane, you will be assigned a personal seat number, so that you can be sure that you end up in the right place. Mark Struik, commercial director of Postillion Hotels: “People are already used to these procedures in aviation. The application to events ensures that our visitors can participate in events more safely. ” Need for professional registration and clear communication According to Rutger Bremer, CEO of Momice registration software, this is a logical step in the professionalization of communication to visitors. Bremer: “I have always believed that clear communication around an event is very important. This situation shows that it is not only important but even necessary to get your participants to your location. Registration is also more important than ever. You are obliged to know who is participating in the event. Fortunately, at Momice we have the right applications ready to register visitors in advance, but also to check in and out at the event itself. This way, as an organizer you can really ensure the safety of your visitor. No surprising collaboration The collaboration is not entirely surprising. Bremer: “6 years ago we offered to sign in the floor plans for all event locations in the Netherlands as an extra service, so that the organizers can share them with their visitors. That makes a huge difference in costs, because every organizer had them subscribed time and time again. Bremer: “Together with the Passenger Terminal Amsterdam, Johan Cruijff Arena, Postillion Hotels was one of the first locations to choose this. To this day they offer these floor plans to all their organizers. Because they were one step ahead of the industry, they can now maintain this high service level and respond more easily to the new conditions. ” NXTMICE as the first pilot On 2 June, Postillion Hotels organized NXTMICE, the first 1.5m event for the event industry itself, in 3 Postillion Hotels. Struik: “When Mark Rutte started talking about the 1.5m economy in the press conference, we immediately got to work on what that would mean for the events at our locations. We wanted to show our solutions to the most important players in the industry, so that they can share this within their network and we can all organize safe events together. ” Part of this solution is the Postillion Hotels Boarding pass. Bremer: “The participants will receive an email with a link to the personal page where the boarding pass is displayed. This way, every visitor knows exactly which route to take - and large groups of participants avoid crossing each other within the location. ” The new security standard for all Postillion Hotels events Momice has developed the software in such a way that all participants of meetings and events at Postillion Hotels will receive a personal boarding pass in the coming months. Struik: "We hope that future visitors will regain their confidence and can participate in our events with confidence."

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