Momice prepares 600 event professionals for online events
28 May 2020

Between May 13 and 20, event professionals could participate in a 6-day online training to organize successful online events. More than 600 event professionals now know everything about software, objectives, programs, experience, interaction, registration and viewer data for online events. 88% of the participants indicated that they are now better able to organize online events. Adaptation to online and hybrid events is necessary Due to government measures, organizers have to rely on online or hybrid events. But different rules apply to online events. Rutger Bremer, CEO of Momice explains: 'We received a lot of questions from our network about how to organize successful online events. We ourselves had experience with hybrid and fully online events through our Connecting the Dots series. So we went even further to develop a full course together with our partners to help event professionals with this theme. ” The six themes The Crash Course is divided into 6 themes: livestream software, objectives, audience interaction, experience & networks, online programs and registration & viewer data. Bremer: “Online events really require a different approach. For example, you can focus the online objectives much more on the behavior in viewing participation figures. An online program can also last up to 1.5 hours with a smooth, tightly directed, dynamic experience and interaction with the audience is a must. Choosing the right tool is not easy, so we help our participants choose the right tools and livestream platforms. Finally, we considered the registration and analysis of the viewer data, because online events generate much more data than offline events! ” From registration software to training Momice develops software to professionalize the registration and communication of business events. The step towards educating the target group is not entirely unexpected. Bremer: “We started Momice 7 years ago because we want to take events to a higher level. We have developed software, but also want to share our experiences and knowledge with event professionals as much as possible. Online events are an extension of what we are doing every day: software, communication, data and objectives. Thanks to our experiences and relationships with partners, we were therefore able to design this Crash Course within a week! ” The undiscovered benefits of online events With this Crash Course, Momice wants to show all event professionals how valuable online events can be. Hence, the degree programs are still available online. Bremer: ”In the online edition of Connecting the dots we went from 50 visitors (physical event) to more than 620 participants! Through polls, questions from the participants and viewer data we gained so much more insights into the needs of our target group with a third of the budget of an offline event. This shows that online events are really very interesting to include in your concepts. A new balance between offline and online Over the next 1.5 years, the relationship between offline and online events will be rediscovered. Bremer: “We will be organizing much more online and hybrid events than we expected. Due to the limited capacity and risk of participating in events, your target group will no longer easily reach a physical location. But online and hybrid events have a lot to offer. So event pros: Get out of your comfort zone and discover the possibilities of online events. ” Review Crash Course Online Events The Crash Course is still available. If you register you can watch all 6 webinars of 30-40 minutes at your leisure in your own time. Go to

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