19 March 2020

EVENTPRODUCENT, an ambitious media company with a lot of experience in the event industry and multimedia productions. We deliver high-tech AV and ICT services, but also producers who are creative, innovative and solution-oriented. EVENTPRODUCENT, for you if you are looking for progressive and affordable video services such as recording or live broadcasting (live streaming) of events, webcasts, webinars, online videos, CGI graphics, product shots, drone footage, slow motion shots or wireless video connections. You can contact us for renting control units, event wifi or custom solutions. Event producer has almost everything in-house and is a specialist in AV. We also have a large network of media specialists. Call us if you are looking for professional producers, show directing, show cueing, image directing, AV controlling, video playouts, presentation technology or show directors. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kLHO7defHeo

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