Give a TED-talk Yourself in 5 Steps

Give a TED-talk Yourself in 5 Steps

Are you a fan of the TED-talks as well? And do you dream about shining just as brightly as the speakers themselves? Then we will help you on your way with a 5-step plan.


Those TED-speakers know how to give a speech, that’s for sure. Interesting stories, stunning statements, educative orations, ... It seems as if they are one by one born keynote speakers who conjure up the stories effortlessly. "I can't do that", you might think. But you might be wrong. You can be sure of it that not every TED-speaker is a natural on stage. Far from it. When you know how to handle it, you yourself can give such an interesting speech too. With these 5 steps, you can go a long way.


  • Determine your message
    Tell a good story. One with which you entertain people. Make sure they have the feeling that it helps them in some way. Don't waste the time your audience grants you with a flat promotional speech. Telling a good story is a lot more than telling how good your product or service is. You're not making a commercial, you're giving a real experience.
  • Telling is editing out
    'Kill your darlings' is a writer's adage you might have heard of. The same goes for speeches. Be critical about the information you include in your story. Stay with the essence of your message and do not dwell on matters ...

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