New Website Makes Organizing Events in Singapore Easier

New Website Makes Organizing Events in Singapore Easier

Planning to hold your business event in Singapore? Then you should definitely visit the new website of the Singapore Exhibition and Convention Bureau. The convention bureau recently launched a new portal to cater especially to business event organizers, offering all the valuable information you will need to organize business events in Singapore.


The website is designed to make the organization of your event in Singapore a true success. This platform supports you, step by step, during the organization and planning of your event. The website is easy to use, inspires you and links you up with the relevant parties.


Ease of Use

The website offers customized information to the event planners based on the type of event you are organizing. Even when you are facing time pressure, you can easily find all the information you require. The website makes the organization of your event easy in every phase of your planning. The website even offers tools such as a database with images and videos of the destination to promote your event in Singapore.



Case studies, success stories, hidden treasures of Singapore and suggestions and tips on unique and authentic experiences will stimulate  you to find new ideas to turn your event in Singapore into an unforgettable experience for your attendees. The content is regularly updated, so that you will constantly be inspired.


Business Matching

The website facilitates the contact between various suppliers in Singapore and yourself. You will find an array of conventional and unconventional venues, suppliers and organizers of team building activities to provide that special touch to your event.


This website is your 'place to be' if you are organizing an event in Singapore. Check out the new website to learn more about these advantages and about event planning in Singapore.

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