15 Social Distancing Ideas for Your Event

15 Social Distancing Ideas for Your Event

Events will never be the same again. Yes, it's a bold statement. But considering the new health-related awareness we’ve gained over the past year, we’ll want to take all the necessary measurements to keep ourselves and our attendees as safe as possible when we start running in-person events again.

This means we’ll have to rethink aspects such as the layout of our events, how our attendees will interact, the food stations, and much more.  We need to show our attendees how much we care about their well-being while also reducing the risks of re-igniting the pandemic. However, all these changes may come as an overwhelming challenge, adding more stress and pressure to the overall planning procedures. To help you overcome this feeling and get you inspired about the new ways of running events, we’ve put together a series of social distancing ideas you can use for your next event.

Source: Photo: Instagram/@waynecoyne5


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