How to Create Emotional Experiences for Your Online Guests

How to Create Emotional Experiences for Your Online Guests

One reason why people like attending physical events is to enjoy an extraordinary experience. Traveling to a different country or city, discovering a beautiful venue, being in the same room with top-notch industry influencers, engaging with like-minded professionals, trying new food, and visiting exciting sites are just some of the extraordinary moments guests are seeking to experience. 

Why? Because all of these moments carry a significant emotional charge. Your guests may not remember a stellar keynote speaker, but they’ll definitely remember the way they felt during your event. Whether they were excited, bored, or anxious, your guests will connect your event with whatever emotions they experienced. 

That’s why plenty of event professionals will focus on developing positive emotions for their attendees. But that’s happening in the world of physical events—what about online events? The problem with online events is that people are confined to a screen, so it’s almost impossible to ignite certain emotions. After all, an emotional experience depends on the five senses of your attendees, and that’s something you can’t ignite from distance. 

In other words, online events are boring compared to physical events and less exciting to attend—or at least, that’s what we may think. What if you could ...

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