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midnightcoffee bvba
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Vacancy of the century! Event Talent

Job details

Event Management, that is multi-level multitasking, multiplied multiple times.

Job description:

We are looking for a m/f/x HOMO UNIVERSALIS: someone with a strong personality and weightless self-relativity. Your vibe can be felt as far as “The Other Galaxy” and you are not afraid of groundbreaking space flights. Your thirst for growth and challenges is endless like a blindfolded journey on a mighty roller coaster and you act at the speed of light. You are both empathetic and communicative: you read the Morse code of dreams and you use your range of organizational skills to convert these skills into unforgettable events. Challenges may be big and complex to you like a mysteriously attractive galaxy. You move like an astronaut among the stars (our customers) and you prefer to shine for the good of others. Your sixth sense is your sense of humor and you see it as an extension of your common sense. Albert Einstein already knew: “The only source of knowledge is experience”: we are not only looking for someone who is hungry for new exciting experiences, but someone who can also surprise us with his/her “achievements” from the personal Viewmaster.


  • We don't have to tell you that the sky's the limit when there are footprints on the moon: you know better than anyone that the journey of a thousand miles begins with one step...
  • You understand that life is an ongoing exercise in problem solving and that in order to create anything, you must relentlessly focus your mindset on the smallest detail...
  • You are a true astronaut: you look for places no one has ever been before and you are more fulfilled when you are involved in something bigger than yourself...
  • You know simplicity is the ultimate sophistication...
  • You never stop getting ready. in case that ...
  • You know there's something incredible somewhere waiting to be discovered...
  • You are a dreamer and you are a planner: the planner in you makes our customers' dreams come true...

Job offer

GUSTO? to work in a strong MICE agency that is known for its personal approach? Want to help develop events in which customers float around flabbergasted with broad smiles and bellies full of colorful butterflies? Would you like to become the missing letter in our “from A to Z approach” and would you like to step aboard our Space Shuttle that will enrich your life wonderfully? Write to us and convince us why we can welcome you as our new crew member. Send an email.

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